Seniors Downsizing Program

 Many seniors continue to live in their home past the time where they are truly safe because the idea of moving is daunting.  Some do not move because they are still trying to figure out how they can assemble the money to undertake the move and get the house whipped into shape to achieve top dollar on offering it to the market.  The Real Estate As An Art Team under Hollie's direction has devised a system to work with a motivated family to lessen the burden on them and the senior.  Hollie devises an individually customized plan suitable to any family's  situation to allow family members to focus totally on assisting their loved one in getting comfortable in the new home and not be burdened with the:

* Cleaning up of the house post move

* Re-painting  (can have the painting labor billed to escrow with sufficient equity)

* Re-carpeting or updating the floors (can have installers bill escrow with sufficient equity)

* Conducting an estate sale (we connect you with the dealer)

* Recycling of items for donation (we coordinate the pick-ups once you have itemized)

* Hauling off refuse to the Dump

* Staging Services

If the family wants to cover for the assistance of an organizer to help the senior pack-up and decide what to donate versus sell in an estate sale, we have a organizer who charges $15 per hour.  We have even gone through and packed up clutter for seniors who were out of town and put it in their garage, but will only quote that level of service case-by-case.  We hope the family will own clearing out the possessions they intend to keep or move with the senior.  After that, you can leave the Mess to Us.  For seniors who have become packrats, we ask that a family member be present to meet with an Estate Sale Organizer so that they and the Sale people form an agreement as to what is saleable and what is refuse, as well as settle up after the sale. After an initial consult we will quote you for the listing based on the level of assistance you need.

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist Hollie has a team of cleaners, organizers, haulers and will own the process of recycling and making sure there is a donation pick-up after the family has reviewed estate sale leftovers. Isn't that a terrific  service you know someone could use? Realtor, Hollie Felts-Howell, Real Estate As An Art with Fusion Real Estate Network provides her seniors clients with a comprehensive and caring service to make a difficult process feel much easier to them.

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